Monday, 9 June 2008

A dog named Barney.

Let me first explain that suits equal awesome. Suits plus Jack & Coke equals Awesomechronicles material.

Me and a few bro's had arranged to go to a Gallery/Venue/Bar/Club in the old underground system of London Bridge.

To make this post interesting I'm going to write it in chapters.

Chapter 1.
One of my Bro's clint came with me to help color co-ordinate my suit buying decisions. We shoot the shit, buy some clothes, I buy some comics and we head back. I suit up.

Chapter 2.
Suited up, Smelling as sharp as I look, and a skip in my step I leave the pad and head to the tube station, Halfway through my tube journey one of my Bro's who I presumed would be meeting me there got on my carriage.

Chapter 3.
I was stunned to see my Bro M get on the tube without a Suit.

This chapter things getting really boring.

Upon arrival me and M went through a small door near the tube station, after paying £10 we found ourselves walking through a long, dark corridor/Archway. Thinking my daydreams had come true I was prepared for a Zombie atack (this didn't happen).

After meeting up with my other Bro's we decided to hit the bar, And me and S hit the bar a wee bit harder than M, It all got a little blurry from there.

(Awesome) Things I remember:

Being told I'm not allowed to hang with my Bro's until I got myself a chair, and (for some reason) following these orders.

Petting a stuffed toy dog named Barney.

Losing a girl.

Harrasing women by going up to them and saying "Ladies, Daddy's home"

Explaining the plot of Enemy Mine to S who didn't believe it was a real film.

Awesome rating 8/10.

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