Tuesday, 3 June 2008

My blog outline

This is my blog, it's awesome.

Basically, my blog is going to either be about stuff that's happened to me, or stuff I find funny or want to rant about.

Today I was locked out of my friends house where I was staying for the day. I had one task for the day: go to the shop and buy some filters, that's it, easy. My instructions were simple take the money and keys, go to the shop and return. Long story short due to a distracting phone call I locked myself out, this was 2 O'Clock, My pal Saeed doesn't finish work until half 5. not knowing what to do I went to the pub for a lonely pint, mainly because I wanted to be warm and sheltered from the rain (Like a tramp).

That lasted all about 20 minutes so I left, and decided to walk to Putney. It's a few miles but I had nothing else to do. It was raining all day, and not the cool movie rain, the drizzley boring rain. When asked for some direction this posh bloke gave me a lift in his massive Land Rover, with the hopes he didn't want a 'favor' in return, Got to my friends work and people thought I was Eastern European apparently, which due to the awesomeness of Niko Bellic (If you don't know who that is buy GTA4 now) I don't consider a bad thing.

It was a pretty uneventful day, I spent most of it wondering whether to shave my head due to watching 'This Is England' last night.

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