Tuesday, 1 July 2008


I'm not a fan to be honest. It's too hot to wear a coat, I'm to fat to wear a T-shirt and I just sit around sweating all day. I've got nothing to do except sit around sweating and drinking Fanta. It has been a good summer for video games however. But they're all too short. which means I have nothing to do apart from sit around sweating waiting for the Dark Knight to come out.

I need a new job, so far my best idea has been supervillain, But I only have a small criminal record and no superheroes to battle with. I don't wanna go on the doll, Mitcham Blockbusters has closed down and apparantly you cant get money for giving blood.I wanna move out but I need a decent job before doing so, then no one will have my adress (Huzzah!).

It's been a dissapointment all round to be honest.


King Garry I Of Swandanavia said...


Sperm donations garner a small reward for an endorphin rush. Its win-win.

However, downside is, due to a recent change in the law, you can be tracked down for maintenance pay from the mother of any spawn your little swimmers create.

King Garry I Of Swandanavia said...



You may enjoy that.