Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Jack Sparling: Road Warrior.

Yesterday I had an experience which will stay with me forever. I was a White Van man for the day, I was helping my friend Dave with his delivery load. Which means I got to shout such things as "Choose a fucking lane!" and "Fucking honk your horn again you cunt!"

It was brilliant, did you know North of North London there's little village towns? Well, I was amazed anyway.

It was pretty easy, Dave did all the driving and I just got out and brought boxes to restaurants, and blagged free cokes. It was nice though, I wouldn't mind doing it as a job, I think I'm gonna start learning to drive soon and be some sort of courier or delivery person for a while and see how I like it, then marry Leah Remini.

I've wanted a 9 to 5 for a while now, no more pubs for me, the main problem is finding a job I enjoy, I've had a lot of jobs, well about 8 to be specific, but out of all of them I only ever enjoyed 1 of them, which was in a DVD shop. I didn't do much I just stood around on the shop floor and told people what to buy.

The quest goes on,

I realize this post is a bit lazily written and not very good so...

Hear about that bloke in the Paralympics who got disqualified?

He was using WD40.

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