Sunday, 14 February 2010

You may be surprised by my views on Valentines Day.

People look at me and think, ''hey, He's tubby, lonely, sad, wonder if Valentines Day will finally throw him off the edge''. Well, most other holidays, you may be right, I get drunk on my own and cry into a large kebab, but not on Valentines day, no sir.

Now, Most people like myself (single) complain about Valentines Day being a commercial holiday for saps, but would they be complaining when they were performing a reversed cupid (Ask your older brother) with a loved one? No, they wouldn't, these people pretend they're not bitter and comment when they're with friends about the ''Idiots wasting money'', but really they want what the canoodling lovers want. Plus they probably spend more money of Warcraft upgrades and socks then a guy does buying his girl a dozen roses.

There are of course exceptions, like one of my friends who I'm pretty sure is trying to bang their way through the opposite sex in case there's some sort of rapture. This person just See's Valentines day as another day because they're not lonely in any way. Good for them.

And let's look at Valentines Day for a second...

(I return from my half arsed 'research' on Wikipedia)

OK I didn't do any research I just spent 20 minutes on Lolcats, but from what I know people call it a Hallmark Holiday because the card companies make a big fuss about buying your significant other a card which they'll profit from. And I ask myself, So?

If a conglomerate (Thank you word a day calendar) of companies can encourage people to express their love or happiness in ostentatious ways then why not? It's reported over 1 billion people send/receive valentines day cards every year, and sure the companies make a profit but think about all the people who are made happy because of it, at the end of the day isn't that more important? And from what I've learnt on newsround, spending money is good because something to do with the recession and people losing jobs, I don't know, I only watch Newsround because I can't find the remote after Arthur.

Maybe I'm soppy but I don't see any problem with that, and sure there'll be no red envelopes addressed to me but when I think of all the people being made happy when they receive theirs it don't bother me, y'know, People, Love, all that shit, it makes my heart grow 5 times bigger.

I nearly cried on the tube the other day because I saw a deaf couple holding hands and signing with the other to each other, it was really sweet, like they were in a little world of their own and they had each other. I mean, they both probably would like the hear rather then make a fat man well up but y'know, Them's the breaks.

Anyway, Those are my views on Valentines day.

And don't worry, this hasn't become a motivational blog, I'll be complaining about the next public holiday, I'm pretty sure an Easter bunny molested me when I was little so y'know, Good rant coming up.

Happy Valentines day.

Stay Gold.

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Morgyn Edwards said...

You should write like this for a living.