Thursday, 13 May 2010

Regrets I'll never regret.

"My only regret, is that I don't have more regrets"

I read this quote while I was sitting on my toilet a few years ago, and it's always stuck with me, I can't remember who wrote it, It was a comedian or talk show host, the book was quotes about getting old. Anyway, I was thinking about stuff that I should regret, this was all spurned on by my friend Liam's blog which is rather wordy and good ( So, I'm gonna list a few things which from an outside perspective would look rather silly, but also list reasons on why they're good or whatever, I'm an optimist innit.

Quitting Acting.
If you're reading this and you know me you'll know I'm fabulous, If you don't know me, Trust me. I have a certain flair for drama, So, naturally, after the lack of direction when I finished High School, I went to Kingston College (Represent) to study Drama and that. I dropped out half way through, It wasn't for me. I learnt some amazing stuff and met a few of my bestest friends in the whole world, Instead of spending time going to class I was busy discovering Korean cinema and whiskey. I felt that college was confining me from all these new experiences and fun. I didn't realize this was a regret until later in life, I think the real reason I quit acting though was because I didn't truly madly deeply want to do it. I love acting, I do, but I didn't want to learn it I guess.

Enrolling in car fixing.
So, I was with a friend when he went to apply for college as an electrician, and I decided I wasn't doing anything that year so I applied for Auto something engineering (fixing cars basically). Now, I should note I have absolutely no interest in cars, I joined the course because it was something to do and I felt I should geezer myself up a bit after being a luvvie at college. Again I met one of my best friends at Carlshalton college, I spend most of my time with him, we've laughed and cried together. I'll never remember the advice one of my lecturers gave me, he told me if my hearts not in it don't do it, Not in a mean way, But he notices how happy I was about my job (At a DVD shop) and how miserable I was about college. He could see I just cared about film and the arts, Not cars and grease. Which lead to me following what I've noticed I have a lazy passion for, Writing.

Smoking, (which, is awesome by the way)
Alot of people regret smoking (pussies), I don't know why, people don't force you to smoke. Teachers and Parents let you think that if you have one drag of a cigarette you'll be addicted for life and die at 28. It took me a few cigarettes to get me addicted to smoking, say about, 3. That's like 18 minutes of smoking that got me addicted, which no one forced me to do. And people blame the tobacco companies, Disgusting. I've shared some of the best times of my life smoking with my friends and on my own, Drunken discussions about shit while out for a smoke with friends. Smoking brought us all close together.

Quitting so many jobs.
I'm young. You're young. If you're not happy with something, don't do it. I've quit jobs for many reasons, mostly because I couldn't hang out with my pals and myself. Don't worry about commitments, you're young, have fun.

That's a few anyway, I guess It's kinda character building or something. Did you notice a theme there? They all involved friends, I have no regrets because of my friends. See that shit, I'm like the M. Night Shyamalan of blogging, throwing in twists and stuff. Anyway, yeah, so, you'd have no stories if you didn't regret anything, So stop being so damn careful.

Stay Gold.

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