Saturday, 19 June 2010

Women actually get away with this?

OK, so, on a Friday after work it's the same thing, Greggs (2 sausage rolls), Primark (Socks etc), and CEX for games. So, as usual Get my sausage rolls and head into Primark and get my gear, as I'm queuing one of the check out people was taking his title a little seriously and was checking out the main man if you catch my drift.

So, My turn comes and he's bagging up my boxers and stuff and things felt a little awkward, so being the people person I am, I decide to make a little bit of conversation. I look at his name tag and it's fucked, his name was like Kgilar or something, and I'm like, "Interesting name, how's it pronounced?" and he blushes a little and tells me then taps something into the till and says "I gave you a nice little discount on these" And I'm like thanks, But I know he be picturing me in those briefs I was buying. So I leave, having learnt my lessons:

1. The homosexual community god damn love me

2. I'm a god damn whore.

I felt cheap and dirty, Like I'd used my gentleman magnet powers for evil, It's happened before, I was in this pub in Brighton and the barman kept giving me doubles for singles prices, But not just because he was in a good mood or whatever, No one else got doubles.

I'm just an attractive man to the...let's say more fabulous community. I don't think I'm gonna exploit these powers anymore, It's not fair leading people on and getting discounts on things which are cheap anyway. So yeah, that's the skinny, I'm a whore.

Works going well, we're thinking about shooting a calendar, so advanced warning, Everyone's getting a "Hunks of St. Georges" calendar for Christmas...god damn, so yet again, I'm using my body for personal gain. I'm out of control...

Stay Gold.

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