Saturday, 21 August 2010

Not economically viable.

So, I lost my job, which is rubbish, because I really enjoyed it. I've had a fair few jobs in my time (I think I was up to about 13 last time I counted) and out of them I've only ever enjoyed 2. A friend once compared me to Chinanski in Factotum, But that doesn't bother me because he's awesome.

So I thought in this blog I'd take you through some of my previous jobs.

Sportsworld (2005ish)
I was 16, handsome, just dropped out of college and needed money to fund my smoking habit. this was my first real job, and I had a laugh. I worked in the Golf section (A golf section in colliers wood...I didn't have to many customers). I used to sleep in the storeroom and practice putting all day. Occasionally a fried chicken eating contest would come up.

Silverscreen (late 2005ish)
One of the best jobs I ever had, It was a dvd shop in wimbledon. I was the youngest employee ever hired (At 17) and I wasn't allowed to work on the till because they sold 18's. So my job was to stand around all day and shoot the shit with customers about film, everyone got dvds for Christmas that year..

Green tree cafe (Sometime in 2006)
Ha, this was funny, I was at the job for 2 hours when the chef came in, turned out the chef was this guy who was my arch enemy (Seriously, fucking nemesis) and I had to quit. 2 hours.

King Bill (Sometime in 2007)
I got to work in a pub next to my college, I got to work with my best friend. This was when me a Clint invented DEFENCE!, It's where you take it in turns to shout DEFENCE! loudly and kick the other in the leg, if they dodge it, it's their turn. You're allowed to kick/be kicked anytime. such as holding plates, pouring drinks etc. fun times.

Kiss me Hardys (2008ish)
Me and Clint working together again, defence being bought to a bigger place with more staff. One time this crazy chef held my hand on the hotplate, he was huge and I'm pretty sure he was in the Israeli army or something so, I wasn't about to fight back. It was kinda funny too.

The Hospital (Last 2-3 years on and off)
Lots of free time, got to pretend I was a doctor sometimes, worked with people I can consider some of my best friends. Fuck I miss the hospital.

Well those were some of the best, considering my new powers over gay men I may get a job as Tom Cruise's assistant or something, I haven't decided yet.

Stay Gold.