Sunday, 13 February 2011

Day 1: My current relationship or how single life is.

Day 01. Your current relationship, If single discuss how single life is.

Anyone who knows me knows I started the blog to get women, there's nothing better than blog groupies. Bitches be crazy. Seems appropriate that I'm starting the 30 day challenge with this question on Valentines Day.

Now if you're any decent kind of human being you've previously read my blog and you know my views on Valentines Day. So you'll know I don't mind being single, It doesn't bother me. I don't have any money as it is so I don't need the pressure of having to buy flowers, chocolates and bruise cover up for women.

It would be nice for someone to hold me at night and tell me everything's OK, Well, I got someone to do that but Clint's so busy these days I don't feel special anymore. (And his hands are like sandpaper). I suppose I'm saying I'm happy being single, but if the right person came along I wouldn't mind having a girlfriend.

I'm not a fussy man, I think most women would be lucky to have someone as well dressed as me. As far as 'type' goes I'm not fussy, due to an incident at the hospital which lead to my discharge from St. Georges Hospital means they technically have to be alive.

So long as they don't mind the fact that I have to play russian roulette once a year just so I can feel alive and she has tons of cash I'm ideal for them.

But for now the cat satisfies all my needs.

Stay Gold.

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Anonymous said...

not fussy when it comes to women??? Yeah alright then mate!!! She has to have legs up to your earlobes and tits that you can snort a line of coke off while she holds a bottle of beer in her cleavage. Oh and knows how to use a deep fat fryer!!!!