Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Day 10: Discuss your first love and first kiss.

My first kiss is a story of heartbreak and deception. It tells the story of a naive idiot in his middle school playground. Let's take it back, I'm not sure what year it was, like I said, it was middle school, I'm not good at keeping track of these things. Anyway, I was in the playground, ten years old, I was probably doing some ill shit like selling fake shiney Pokemon cards or getting into the Monster Munch trade with the Colombian kids. So I'm there, chilling and this girl comes up to me form my year, I don't remember her name, she smacks one on my lips and runs back to her friends who were all giggling.

My geek friends were all high fiving me (Fist bumps hadn't been invented/reached our school yet) and asking me what my secret was, for like a whole afternoon I felt cool. After last lesson me and one of my cool friends (I moved in many circles) were walking home, I told him what happened and how happy I was because I thought someone liked me. To which he bluntly replied "They were laughing? It was probably a dare."

The fucking bitch.

So I went into a spiral of depression, Drinking Sunny D first thing in the morning, Eating my crisps before my sandwiches at lunch, y'know, hard shit. I was used as a dare, kiss the weirdo/fatty/bad haircut kid (Again, thanks mum) in the playground, My little cholesterol clogged heart withered. It was that day I realized my Mum was a goddamn liar when she said I was the most handsome boy in the world.

I don't think I'll ever truly trust a woman again.

Yeah, Heartbreaking huh? Fatty's got some scars. As for the love part of the question, Can't say I've been in love, I like to say I believe in love. But it's a matter of time and a few hundred quid before I settle for the closest thing to love I can think off:

On a side not, it's my sisters birthday today. I love my sister, we're completely different but she's fucking hilarious, I don't quite remember how old she is, but she's getting on now. Happy Birthday H,, To the ghetto you go.

Stay Gold.

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