Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day 12. Bullet your whole day

Man, this is gonna be bleak, I'm a very uninteresting person,

  • I wake up, I do 1000 press ups and 1000 sit ups, it's 7 PM, Alfred is ready with breakfast (Steak and Mars bars).
  • I go down to the cave and re-calibrate my grappling hook and replace the straps on my boots, pay my subscription for Nuts and Zoo.
  • I log onto the computer to run the DNA samples left from the bank robbery last night, update the Arkham files and put out an APB on Hugo Strange, Update Facebook.
  • I put on my finest suit and make sure the Bentley is prepared, Alfred drives me to a fundraiser, I shout bus wankers out the window on the way.
  • I make some inappropriate jokes about a baroness' cleavage and am asked to leave. Just as planned.
  • Signal goes of, I change and meet Gordon, On the roof 2 pidgeons are doing it, I take a. picture and send it to Clark, he lol's.
  • Harvey's escaped again, He's holding the courthouse hostage.
  • I update my twitter.
  • Pick up Robin, I do that thing where everytime he goes for the door handle I drive forward a few feet.
  • Save hostages, Harveys back where he belongs, I'm fucking awesome.
  • Teach Robin how to do the hand vagina trick, he calls me immature.
  • Jump in the Batmobile and blast some Plan B.
  • Deal with some petty crime, I can't stop laughing because I farted on Robins eyemask, he keeps itching his eye. I text Clark about it, he lol's.
  • Drop Robin off, I shut his cape in the car and start driving pretending I can't here him shouting.
  • I get home and Clark sent me this link for 2 girl 1 cup, I throw up and text him a picture of my vomit, he lol's.
  • Watch The only way is Essex and fall asleep.

Quiet night.

Stay Gold

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