Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day 18: your beliefs.

Technically, I'd be called Agnostic, I neither deny or accept the the idea of a higher power and afterlife etc.

I call it scared.

I see myself as agnostic leaning towards atheism, But I don't like the idea of no afterlife, Not since my dad died anyway (Deep right?). I like the thought that we'll see our loved ones again, but practically, I know it's unlikely. So I stick with 'Don't know' and 'Believe in what you want to believe, just leave me out of it', Ignorance is bliss after all right?

I don't believe in Ghosts or that the dead can talk to us through middle aged fat women, otherwise known as con artists. And I think the people who make money from other peoples grief is despicable. I don't believe in the practice of 'Magic' either, The only magic I believe in is illusion.

And the Magic I make happen in the bedroom

I like the idea of what some people call Karma, I think if you're a good person, good things happen to you, But I don't think it's down to some mystical energy, I think it's just down to the fact good people perceive incidents and events in a more positive way. Although, Superman's good and just bad shit happens to him all the time (Like Bryan Singer), So I may have to review that line of thought.

Here's a short list of things I believe/believe in:

Harvey Dent
Some of the practices of Zen (I'm honestly not a dickhead, but they got some nice ideas)
Zen (The fictional Italian detective)

Well, Here's hoping there is an afterlife, because frankly, I've made a mess of this one.

Stay Gold.

P.S Please don't take any of this post to seriously, It's basically a wordy way of saying I really, really, don't care about peoples beliefs.

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Anonymous said...

i never knew your dad had died. shows a slightly softer side to you, jack

you stay gold, too