Sunday, 13 February 2011

Day 2: Where you'd like to be in 10 years time.

Where would I like to be in ten years time? Who knows, The Sparling life expectancy dictates I may not be around in 10 years time. Although here's a list of scenarios:

Liam's become a big time Director and I've clung onto his coat-tails stronger than single mother clutching her benefits book. I've starred in a number of huge films, well known for my comic timing and transition into drama. I've become one of the Hollywood elite, I'm pictured with numerous glamorous women, known for all my charity work with Sean Penn's clone (It's only a matter of time), playboy lifestyle. And usually disgracing myself in true Downey Jr. fashion (Probably doing cocaine of Jason Stathams head). All in all, living the Sheen Dream.

I've become a dishevelled yet charming alcoholic, I spend my days in a pub lecturing bar staff and whoever will listen on what it is to be a gentleman and the practice of manners. I have a permanent cough and a jacket full of stains yet I'm very lovable. After closing time I go back to my house and eat a pot noodle while listening to some classical music live Vivaldi or Plan B.

Drug Dealer/pimp
I've decided to call myself Dirty-J, I sell most drugs while living a thoroughly gangsta lifestyle. I moved into pimping when I realised I have a lot of sisters, I wear a Du-Rag to cover my receding hairline.

I live in a small cottage in the South of France where I write, I live a secluded but not lonely life, Every morning I walk down to the local delicatessen for a croissant or some French shit, The owner of the cafe is blatantly in love with me, here I sit outside and smoke while reading. Then I go home and walk my my big shaggy dog who's got some pretentious name like Hemingway in a field while I wear a big woolly jumper and ruggedly handsome smile on my face. I go back to my cottage and build furniture or some other manly shit, then I sit by the fireplace, dog at my heels, and read until time for sleep.

Well those are a few of the possibilities, I didn't put the most likely one in where I live in a council flat with my fat wife who hates me. A mean can dream though ay?

Stay Gold.


Anonymous said...

i'm commenting, so you dont lose encouragement with your blogging. i enjoy it very much.


-Will R xxx

Anonymous said...

Impossibilities perhaps.........