Sunday, 13 February 2011

Day 3: You're views on Drugs and alcohol.

My views on drugs and alcohol? There's never enough.

All Joking aside though, I guess they're alright. Depends on your personality. Obviously some things are worse than other, The hard stuff is what gets you into trouble, rolling around on the floor of somewhere you don't know surrounded by people laughing at you with cold sweat running down your face while clutching your arm, The hard stuff, you know what I'm talking about here.

Motherfucking Absinthe, the drink made from the devils piss and Jade Goody's ashes. It tastes worse than a John McCriricks arsehole and gets you stupid krunk. It's why I don't go near it, after experimenting with it one Saturday afternoon and not leaving the bathroom until Sunday evening I vowed never to go near the stuff again.

I say people should experiment with drugs while they're young and get it out of the way, so they can tell their kids honestly the dangers/awesomeness of drugs. I don't however, think they should be legalised, not because I take a moral high ground, but it would put alot of dealers out of business, who in my experiences are lovely people.

But yeah, I guess you didn't really get any answers there, I suppose I'm saying do what you want, just don't be a dickhead about it innit.

Stay Gold

P.S Oh and mum if you're reading this you shouldn't be, Maybe if you encouraged me more I would be writing for magazines or writing my second novel or something instead of the internet, When you think about it this is all your fault, Thanks mum.

P.P.S What's for dinner Sunday? And can you buy Crunch Corners, If you buy fruit corners again we have nothing more to say to each other.


Colin Wren said...

Absinthe is the best drink ever! try it with apple Lucozade.

Swayze Lips said...


Anonymous said...

You don't like Absinthe?! I bet you like archers with lemnonade!