Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Day 6: Write 30 interesting fact about yourself.

I dunno if I can do this, I'll give it a whack.

  1. In 6 years I've had about 15 jobs
  2. I have more skills, better social skills, and am generally a better person when drunk.
  3. When I meet someone for the first time, I automatically judge them, 9/10 times I'm right, even if proven wrong I stick to my assumption.
  4. I once attempted free running in an underpass at 3AM, After falling over 3-4 times I decided it's for wankers.
  5. I have frequent night terrors, anyone who's shared a room with me will know this.
  6. I've attempted higher education 4 times, I only succeeded once.
  7. I've read the IMDB trivia page for every film I've seen.
  8. I once saw a womble. No one believes me and I was really drunk but it happened.
  9. As far as I can tell I'm unbreakable. I've never broken a bone.
  10. Didn't realize how uninteresting I was until I started writing this list.
  11. I can click all my toes any time
  12. I have at least 5 alter egos/aliases
  13. The first film I remember watching was Tim Burtons Batman, (1989 (not in 1989))
  14. I'll go through amazing lengths in the name of 'A laugh'
  15. I have an interest with Serial Killers. (I even have favourites)
  16. Occasionally I reach the point where I become 'Dangerously bored'. The other day this lead to flaming knife throwing
  17. I used to drink 6 bottles of Sprite on a normal working day.
  18. My dad nearly shot me with an air rifle once because it was 'funny'
  19. I've never left the Country, I left the mainland last year, I went to The Isle of Wight.
  20. I'm the mayor of Bestival, I declared it while on top of the Bestival sign and no one threw me off. That's how it works.
  21. I still want to be a cowboy when I grow up
  22. I once stayed awake and partied every night for 3 days straight
  23. I'm terrified of my nephew
  24. I've convinced people I'm a Doctor, Marine Biologist, Stuntman and the guy in the Iggle Piggle suit
  25. I may have appeared in Russian Vogue
  26. I once cried at an episode of Mr. Bean
  27. I can't remember the last time I went to a party and didn't instigate The Fresh Prince rap
  28. One of my favourite jobs was working on the bins because all the free time I got.
  29. I've never bought an album
  30. I listen to more classical music than I let on
Wow, Did it, Got a little flaky at the end but whoo, yeah. I think I need to get out and see more of the world, try and learn about and understand different cultures, be a foreigner, So I'm going to Benidorm.

Stay Gold.


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sweet, keep em coming


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i do the same with imdb