Monday, 28 February 2011

The Oscars,

I'm writing this as I watch The Oscars I refuse to get a twitter so I'm writing down the times of my thoughts. So far the opening sketch was funny. I'll still do the 30 day challenge blog tomorrow, this is a special. It's gonna be a long one, so don't waste your time if you don't care about my opinions on films.

1:45. Smile Tim Burton you miserable fuck, Seriously, fuck you. Stop making everything so gothic and spirally and cast someone other than Johnny Depp and your wife. I enjoyed Big Fish though.

(Random thought) Can you believe Gary Oldman's never even been nominated got an Oscar? Seems retarded to me. Not even nominated.

(Random thought) Tom hanks seems like such an nice guy, Christopher Nolan is glowing.

01:51. Kurt Douglas is old as hell, but is still really awesome. He souns a little like Dracula.

01:59. Really? Not Steinfeld for the best supporting actress? Melissa Leo was fantastic in The Fighter though.

02:00. First f-Bomb.

02:02. Franco and Hathaway make a good team, I'm glad they're hosting.

(Random Thought) Why is Virginia Madsen there? Has she done anything since Candyman? If she's allowed there where's Tony Todd?

02:04. Animators are always so scruffy, All respect to the animated field guys but get out the studio and learn how to button up a jacket guys.

02:06. Any money Toy Story 3 wins best animated feature. Vegas money.

02:07. Called it. Wow, Steve Jobs co founded Pixar.

02:23. This Panel's ridiculous, The news of the world reviewer's a dickhead.

02:24. Anne Hathaways's so beautiful.

02:26. Charlie Sheen Joke! Was only a matter of time.

02:30. Best supporting actor time, If Bale doesn't win, I'm gonna Bale out

02:33. ALL HAIL THE FUCKIN' BALE! Bloody hell

02:35. Quick, someone dispose of Bales tears before North Korea get their hands on them.

02:40. Without sounding like to much of a queen, What is Nicole Kidman doing wearing them shoes with that dress?

03:01. Wow, Obama AND Randy Newman.

(Random thought) Do you get paid for presenting an award? Wait, who pays for the Oscars?

03:31. Bob Hope's back! In hologram form!

03:31. Robert Downey Jr. Is damn hilarious, makes you wonder if Charlie Sheen will be respected in 10 years.

03:34. Did Matt Plummer just get a thank you from one of the inception guys?

(Random Thought) It must be great to walk down the aisle to the Inception theme and everyone applauding.

03:44. Gwyneth Paltrow's a country singer now is she? Because you can just do what the fuck you like when you're Gwyneth Paltrow, take a break from films for ages and just come back and do Iron Man. Bitch.

03:52. Shit, Celine Dion, why does she have to sing during the part I refuse to miss. I miss Dennis hopper and Leslie Nielsen.

(Random Thought) Where was Corey Haim?

04:03. Tom Hooper couldn't get out of his chair fast enough for his award for directing Kings speech. Is he a clone of James Cameron? They look the same...

04:11. I'd like to see James Franco win best actor, Just to shock everyone.

04:16. Surprise surprise, The pregnant woman gets the Oscar, To be fair I haven't seen the Lesbian ballet flick, and I like Natalie Portman, She deserves this for getting snubbed for Leon. Aronofsky really needs to lose the porno 'tash

04:21. Sandra Bullock is an absolute Gem.

04:27. Well done Colin Firth, You probably deserve it, I need to see the flick

04:36. Yep Kings speech got best Picture, there's a shocker.

04:39. Ugh Kids choir singing somewhere over the rainbow.

04:42, Well, it's over.

Well that was the Oscars, It was OK, none of them made me choke up, That's what I really like at the Oscars, The comedy and Songs are fine, But I like it when the winners are so emotional it can bring you to tears yourself. The only one that got me close to tears was The Bale. Like Cuba Gooding Jr or Roberto Benigni.

I'll see you in aa few hours to post the new blog.

Stay Gold.

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