Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Day 23: give pictures of 5 famous guys who you find attractive.

I don't think I'm getting out of this one without one of my family members calling me gay. Again I re-iterate, I did not write these questions.

First let me explain what a man-crush is in case you don't know. A man crush is admiration and respect for a man, you may also recognize he's a good looking guy. It's a mixture of awe and courtesy. I'm guessing that any men that read my stuff is starting to feel relieved about the feelings they were having about me, don't worry men. Embrace it.

Anyway, on with the list, here's some men I truly admire and respect. (Who are also totally handsome)

Swayze, I can't write to much or I get emotional, but he was one of the ultimate badass', He survived longer than any mere mortal should have with his tpe of Cancer all while playing an FBI agent in a top TV show. He's probably teaching St. Peter proper bouncer (Or cooler) etiquette.

Alec Baldwin, with beautiful blue eyes and chest hair you could choke a ferret in it was almost impossible to make a list without him. An ex-alchoholic with brilliant comic timing, he knows a thing or 2 about how to get your daughter to stop ignoring her phonecalls. NEVER fob off Alec Baldwin with Voicemail. Shame about his brothers though...

Jensen Ackles, Star of the hit show Supernatural is to awesome for words. Also ladies, not only is he handsome, I'm pretty sure he was in Sweet Valley High! I know, he's got it all right.

Because he's Bruce Campbell

I don't think I know any men who at some point in the day don't wish they were David Bowie, Top Admiration points.

Anyway, there's the list, 7 days to go then you'll have to carry on with your empty lives with 1 post a week! Scary thought huh?

Stay gold.

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