Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Day 24: your favourite movie and what it's about.

I don't have a favourite film, and I'm not going to sit around and spout about what my favourite films are about, that's what IMDB's for. I'd rather talk about the feelings films can make you feel. Man Feelings.

By far the film that evokes the most emotions is an Italian Masterpiece called Life is Beautiful (La Vita e Bella if you wanna be a wanker). The first half is pure heart melting joy, Sometimes I have trouble figuring out if someone's a good actor or not in Subtitled films, But Roberto Begnini is truly a magical man who brings life into his character.

This beautiful tale of love and happiness soon turns into a pretty harsh concentration camp flick, But his character never loses his spirit, and goes to incredible lengths to protect his sons innocence in such a bad environment.

It may have been the 4 or 5 Martinis but I was shedding the manliest of tears towards the end of the film, For a film to keep yo-yo'ing me between happiness and sadness in a couple of hours is truly the magic of good film-making.

After the film I was such an emotional wreck one minute I was hugging my family and the next I was punching wildlife.

Totally had it coming

I do recommend everyone see it. I even got my sisters to promise to see it once they learn how to read. Have some tissues ready.

Stay Gold.

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