Saturday, 12 March 2011

Day 27: A problem you have had.

My penis is to damn big.

Only playing, that's not a problem, I just like talking about it.

Pffft, how much time have you got? I'm great at solving problems, providing they're in some sort of videogame format, otherwise I'm pretty fucking useless, here's a couple of ongoing problems I've been having.


for some reason people don't
want to give this man a job

Over the past weeks I have applied for dozens of jobs, despite this, All I've had back is one reply, which was a no. All I need is an interview, I'll let my smooth talking, devilish smile and eccentric charm do the rest. I think the problem is I'm to talented, either that or I need to stop putting "Jungle survival skills" on application forms.

I still don't have superpowers

"The last son of Wimpy"

To this day I still genuinely believe I will, someday, have powers. Yet everyday I wake up with the bitter disappointment that the only super thing about me is my huge penis.

Lack of motivation

"I put on a tie, as far as I'm concerned I achieved
all of today's goals"

As sad as it may sound, these past 27 days are as motivated I've been in the last, god knows how long. I'm not motivated by money, things or people. I'm like Buddha or something, but better looking.

Well, that's just a small insight into some of my problems, none of these have been solved yet, I'm pretty easy going so I don't let things bother me, So I'm not going to get worried about them, Apart from the job front, I need to pay for my 'Midget Monthly Magazine' subscription.

Stay Gold.

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