Sunday, 13 March 2011

Day 28: Something that you miss

The further on this challenge gets the more retarded and poorly thought out the questions get.

I'm generally not one for nostalgia, but if I think about it, there are certain things I miss, I try not get to muddled up in it though, no point looking any other place but around you. Here's a few things I miss.

Summers when I was younger.
Summer was great, Hanging around with your friends, out all day and night, laying around on the grass. Really simple stuff, which people can't seem to do these days without an ipad or DS, I dunno, It's progression, but technology is killing old fashioned fun. When I was a kid, one summer me and 3 of my friends just went into the woods looking for a dead kid, simpler, better times.
...Yes, I was the fat one
School was great right? Easily one of the most important times of your life. When I think back to school I don't think about what I learnt or other coming of age nonsense, and sure I can't point out Belgium on a map, But I remember all the fun I had, Like smashing each others hands with our copies of "A view from the Bridge" and that dog we killed behind the sports hall.

Not giving a shit about jobs.
You know how it is, between the age of about 16 and 20 you work in shops and pubs and you don't give a shit whether you get fired or even do a good job. I miss the lack of responsibility, now when I sleep at work I have to hide it.

My dad.
I'd never bought up my dad in my blog until a few posts ago, he died nearly 2 years ago. First let's clear things up, I started the blog to get girls, not to talk about my feelings. But, as the subject matter is things that I miss, Might as well drop an emotion bomb on ya'll. But yeah, He was a good laugh and I miss him the most.

Keep in mind though kids, looking back at things does you no good, don't look into the past or future, concentrate on what's going on now. Also, looking into the past can be bad for you, you might remember that time you were felt up by Postman Pat.

Stay Gold.

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