Monday, 14 March 2011

Day 30: your highs and lows of the past month.

No. This is fucking stupid, 13 days ago I done a blog on highs and lows of the past year. If anything significant happened this month, it would of been in the day 17 blog! Ridiculous.

Low point: Being so attention deprived I started the 30 day challenge.
High Point: Finishing the 30 day challenge.

I'm actually quite impressed I did it, I think the only reason I did it was because Saeed said I wouldn't, he doesn't care that I did or that I proved him wrong, So I don't really know who won here. And I haven't learnt any lessons or anything.

I know it will be hard for you to go with a blog once a week, but fingers crossed, they'll actually be good, Quality not quantity innit.

I've been thinking about career paths recently, I think I want to try and take up writing (Don't worry Holly, I'm still looking for a real job). I like writing and I like to think I have a flair for it, you're reading this aren't you (Unless you're just reading this to be supportive, thanks mum!)? The good thing about writing is you can work at Primark and have an excuse to be a drunk "I'll have you know I am a writer". Shit, like you need an excuse to drink if you work at Primark anyway.

Hell, if it doesn't work out there's I could always fulfil my second biggest ambition.

Stay Gold.

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