Sunday, 1 May 2011

Grow up? Jog on.

It's not like I'm not already on a watchlist, so I may aswell share my views on the Royal Wedding.

As I write this, for some reason people are still talking about the Royal Wedding yesterday, I managed to get myself in a 100% ignorance bubble with the help of Cigarettes, Xbox and Whiskey so as far as I know Prince Phillip shat himself during the ceremony. And I really couldn't give a shit.

Now, I consider myself a Patriot (I say patriot because calling yourself a nationalist has become synonymous with being a racist, which is just plain retarded), I bleed Britain, but I absolutely have no time for the Royal family. Apparently we're all created equal yet I'm expected to bow to any royal which stumbles into my favourite brothel? Equality my arse.

Wedding Fever must be spreading, the other day I was awoken with a text from a friend, "Getting Married 8th October, you coming?". And this bamboozled me, Now, the friend who sent it has never shown any interest to me that he's into the marriage thing and all that, probably because if he sat down and talked about feelings we would have kicked his face in.

"Look, he's sad his brother's in a coma, WANKER!"

All my friends are doing mental shit, They're starting business', getting married, they're even actually keeping the children they have, it's not the world I grew up in, And I came to realize It's not the world I'd grown up in because I'm a grown up now. Which terrifies me.

I sat around panicking for like, 5 days, are all my friends are going to outgrow me? They're getting on with their grown up lives while I sit on Xbox Live arguing with 12 year olds why Batman could beat Optimus Prime in a fight. Then, in one sweet text from the same friend, A massive wave of relief came over me, it made me realize no matter what we do with our lives our good friends will always remain our friends, even if you refuse to grow up.

And the text?

His Fiancée just happens to be German.

Stay Gold.

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