Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Berlin, Prince and Thai food.

OK, I admit, recently I have been lazy, but I've been really really busy recently.


So, new plans, I should fill you in.

I'm moving to Berlin, based solely on someone telling me how awesome and cheap it is out there, I plan on flying out April 1st. I decided to post my intentions here, so if I don't go through with it people can laugh at me and call me a failure (more than they do normally anyway)

That is all from new plans. Next, new developments.

Recently, I'm all about his royal badness: Prince, I don't know what it is, I've never disliked Prince but at the same time I've never gone out of my way to listen to him. But a few months ago while working my main man Saj came into the pub to empty the machines, I ask him to load up the Jukebox with a load of credits as it's going to be a quiet afternoon. The problem is when there's thousands of tracks staring me in the face I can't think of one song I want to listen to at that time. So I just start typing, before you know it I've loaded up Purple Rain.

But for the next few months I can't get Princes original Nothing Compares 2 U out of my head, Day and night I wake up with Prince in my head, I'm either going insane or I have a tumour.

Then one night last week I'm flicking through the channels and Purple Rain's on BBC four, part of some American music culture season, It's right at the end of the film and I would die 4 U is on and I can't stop doing the dance to it round my room. For the next few days I scoured BBC fours listings for a repeat, which I eventually found. I was so captivated watching it I didn't eat for 2 hours.

I think it's down to my friend who really looks like Prince moving to Australia and it's my sadness manifesting itself in the form of a symbol.

Thai Food
When you're taken away from an environment of Jerk Chicken, Greasy Spoons and pub food you really change as a person, you watch rugby, discuss awnings and go to restaurants with tablecloths where they give you chocolates with the bill.

Last night was the staff Christmas do and although I didn't want to go I was offered free booze. We went to a Thai restaurant and after scouring the menu for something I can eat without needing to punch the chef for putting something green on my plate,

"Fuck is that?"

So I ordered a steak dish in a sweet and sour sauce with some egg fried rice and some ribs on the side, now for most people that's not to exciting but for me its a huge step, Mainly because my diet consists of Viennetta, bacon and advent calender chocolate. Not only that, I had a glass of fucking WINE with dinner, without Vimto in it.

I'm growing guys, I'm cultured and can go into restaurants. Dangerzone.

Stay Gold.

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Adam said...

Look at you, trying to improve yourself. Stop it.